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Tickets & Passes


Tickets/Passes: Overview & Benefits


According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), public transportation produces nearly 50 percent less carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) per passenger mile than private vehicles. And public transportation saves 1.4 billion gallons of gasoline per year -the equivalent of 108 million cars filling up in a year. In addition, transportation is the second highest cost for American families. And as gas prices continue to rise, families will be looking for alternative ways to travel.

Shore Transit offers the following fare payment choices:

  • Shore Transit Tickets

    Shore Transit tickets are available in $3, $1.50, $1, and .50¢ increments and may be purchased at the Shore Transit Operations facility. Tickets may be purchased with cash and money orders.

    Request for bus tickets in excess of 100 tickets are to be mailed , along with a check or money order payable to Shore Transit/TCC to:

    Shore Transit
    31901 Tri-County Way  Suite 133
    Salisbury, MD 21804
    ATTN: Shore Transit Bus Tickets 

  • Shore Transit Photo ID Cards Shore Transit photo ID cards are provided for qualified persons with disabilities and adults 65 years or older.

  • Shore Transit Fixed Route  Passes – Unlimited Bus Rides!
    The initial cost of the card is $27.00, and this includes a one time card processing fee of $2.00 and 7 days of unlimited travel time. The cost for each additional 7-day refill is $25.00, and the maximum refillable card purchase is $100.00.
    Shore Transit Fixed Route Passes may be purchased from the Shore Transit Operations Office or you may print & complete a mail order form. When making your mail order purchase, you must attach a completed order form along with your check or money order payable to: “TCC/Shore Transit”.

    For more information, please visit call Customer Service.


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