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Travel Training

Travel Training

Travel Training Program: Experience Independence!

Travel Training is your ticket to the freedom of public transit. Shore Transit offers Travel Training to the elderly, persons with disabilities, and the general public wishing to ride public buses to reach a wide variety of destinations.

Graduates state that the instruction opens doors to:

  • Additional independent living skills
  • Increased independence
  • Greater opportunities for employment
  • & More access to community activities

How The Training Works

Travel training can be provided on a one-on-one or group basis for fixed routes or origin-to-destination services.  The training provides personalized instruction in the use of the public transportation system. This type of instruction includes the practical experience of riding the bus while learning the necessary skills for independent travel.

The one-on-one instruction also teaches participants all of the practical skills to travel the Shore Transit public transportation system with confidence and safety.

Skills Training Includes:

  • How to determine appropriate routes
  • Purchasing tickets
  • Recognizing bus numbers
  • Proper boarding and departure procedures
  • Landmark identification
  • Proper street crossing skills
  • Emergency procedures

Personalized Instruction

Prior to training, participants are evaluated and the instruction is specially tailored to meet specific needs and skill levels. Personalized instruction is provided on a daily basis until the customer feels confident in his or her ability, and demonstrates complete independence in the use of public transit.

For More Information contact the Mobility Management Team.




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